"OKA is The Only Hope For Kenyans" Maalim Warns That Ruto's Revolution is Dangerous

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Former deputy speaker Farah Maalim has warned Kenyans against deputy president William Ruto's 2022 presidency alleging that he is taking the advantage of an economic class to create a revolution that according to him is very dangerous.

In his argument, he believes that in an event that Ruto and Raila will be the only presidential contenders, Ruto Will win hands down and therefore the only hope for the Kenyans remains with One Kenya Alliance.

Ruto has proved to be one of the fastest horses in 2022 presidential elections using his bottom-up economic model and the hustler narrative that the former deputy speaker believes is a plan to create a revolution by dividing the populations based on their social-economic status.

Even though Raila seems to be a great competitor, he doesn't believe he will win against Ruto, and OKA should be prepared well enough to take up the next leadership and save the people from Ruto's dangerous narrative.

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