5 Delicious Foods You Can Prepare With Scent Leaf(See Pictures)

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Do you know you can enjoy your food with some sweet aroma that scent leaf gives? Oh yes! You can. I have tried it and I enjoy each meal I prepare with this sweet gift of nature and you should try it out too and see for yourself.

Remember, add some thoroughly wash sliced scent leaf to your food and see the powerful nutrients it goes to you and your family. You need to try this particular one with noodles and thank me later.

Here are some of the 5 foods to cook with scent leaf.

1. Beans

2. Noodles

3. Cat Fish Pepper soup

4. Ofe Akwu( Palm kernel stew)

5. Porridge yam

You will best enjoy the sweetness of scent leaf if added last or 3 minutes before you carry down your delicious food.

I cooked with scent leaf and decided to share with my lovely readers. Enjoy with me too.

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