Do you Feel You're In Trouble: Read This Bible Verse That Reveal Deep Things Of Deliverance


Three lessons to learn from Daniel deliverance.

1. Abosolute trust and confidence int Gods power will save his people intense of difficulty and make others to come to the knowledge of God as was the case with Daniel, shedrack, Meshach and abadnigo.

There strong faith in God made God delivered them in times of trouble and this made Nebuchadnezzar to call on babelonias to worship the God of shedrack, Meshach and abadnigo. The same thing with Daniel when king Darius called on other nation to worship the God of Daniel because of what he saw.

2. Those who spent time plotting evil against innocent people in most cases perish by their evil plots while the innocent are set free. This was the case with Daniel; Those who plotted against him perished by their own plot while Daniel himself went free and even prospered the more.

Christian should always pray to God for their blessings and avoid plotting to bring another man down because of envy.

3. Those who serve the Devil perish by the work of the Devil. Christians should endeavor to avoid been party to evil work a respective of who sents them to do it.

Those who threw shedrack, Meshach and abadnego into the burning furnace Perished while those they threw into the fire were not hurted