I Willingly Welcomed A Co-Wife Home To Make My Husband Happy But Everything Turned Worse, Woman Says

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Sometimes we sacrifice our happiness trying to fix mistakes but we end up wounded.Evangelist Margaret Komu shares her experience with Hungura Media.

Margaret was born in Nyandarua amongst eight children,she being the seventh.After her secondary school education,she went to Naivasha in search of greener pastures.There,God called her into ministry and she started singing and preaching.She would go to the market places and share the word of Margaret was really aging and still she hadn't met the right man.She started praying about it and God brought someone her way.

The two fell in love and even got married in a white wedding since the man was a pastor.Everything changed after the two married,the husband would say that he had made a mistake and would never love her.Margaret became so depressed trying to cover up her breaking marriage since she was a public figure and they had a church together.She even forgot her ministry and ceized to pray, focusing on her challenges.

God blessed them with two kids a girl and a boy respectively but the boy passed on at six months due to pneumonia.This only made things worse and her husband opted to marry a second wife. Margaret agreed to the idea thinking her husband would like her as he did in the past but the situation became worse.She decided to quit and go back to her ministry not minding what people would say.

She left with her daughter and started her life afresh.Currently she has a church in Naivasha named Abundance Of Grace Evangelistic Ministry.Still she hopes that some day she will still have a home with a complete family.

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