Reactions As Two Gays Thabo And Katlego Ties The Knot


Recently, various news portals reported about the marriage of some Ghanaian gays to their white boyfriends. In fact, this news became the topic for the whole week because LGBTQ is something which the people of Ghanaians frown upon. The kind of reactions which came about all suggested the laws of the land should be strict so that LGBTQ doesn't breed in Ghana.

But when we thought, we won't be hearing such news like gays getting married again, we have chanced upon some pictures on social media where two gays were marrying. These men are called Thabo and Katlego. These guys are said to be South Africans who have defiled all odds to get married. In the pictures, they are seen hugging themselves and displaying what a "man and a woman" do when they get married.

See pictures of their marriage;

When these guys dropped their pictures on social media, we thought people would have reacted in a bad way against them but the kind of comments people gave means they are really happy for the new couples in town.

Let's see some comments from people;

What do you think about this news? Is it about time Ghana decides to allow gays to marry? Let's hear what you think about this in the comment section.


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