Ilorin descendants: 2 strong reasons why Yoruba must take the supremacy from Fulani


There have been highs and ups regarding the authentic descendants of the city, Ilorin. A city which located in the region of North Central part of Nigeria came into existence after the migration of brave warrior, Afonja and his empire, from the old Oyo city to Ilorin in almost two centuries ago. He was believed to be a very strong and unbelievable warrior who fought for the protection of his people. The Afonja

Though he had just rebelled against Oyo empire with the assistance of some races like Nupe, and Fulani and moved out of the together. He made those people his staff and trusted them with all he had.

The saddest part of the story was that in spite of his trustworthiness in them, they also ganged up and eventually executed him in what can be considered as punishment for negligence.

Since then, the Fulani and other related tribes have been ruling over even the indigenous people of the city,The Yorubas, which is not supposed to be when almost ninety percent of people dwelling in are the Yorubas. Though some Yoruba activists have been claimind the supremacy of Ilorin but this can't be done without taking actions. And here are the reasons Yoruba must fight for the supremacy of power again;

1. Potential destruction of the Masses

In fact, these people have connections with the Fulanis, and as a matter of fact, the lives of some people, particularly the Yorubas, are at stake should the insecurity continues growing. If the herdsmen could be successfully dispatched in South Western States, definitely they would surely come to Ilorin and bounce on Yoruba which might be too late at the time to leave the city.

2. Provision of Adequate Security

Any places being ruled by a complete stranger is absurd. First of all, the lives of people are not secured and if Yoruba can dominate again, surely there will be more cooperation and unity among the people compared to the present situation. 

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