'Ruto Mwokozi Wetu,' Ruto New Hit Song Released Ahead Of 2022 Elections (Video)


The Deputy President has been a pivot and a huge threat in fixing the Uhuru succession politics formula. To engineer his pressure in the presidential race in 2022, a hitmaker has composed a new song that will be used during his campaigns (probably).

The song is addressing Ruto as the saviour of Kenya and the only person who is set to bring full freedom, though I do not know-how.

Huster nation is being termed as the only hope for the most vulnerable millions of Kenyans who are living beyond the poverty line.

Ruto is expected to run for presidency come next year, his political ambitions and dreams aim at the topmost position in the country.

The second in command has gained massive support from the grassroots to bolster his political muscles ahead of 2022. Huster nation is looking to be 'unstoppable,' unless some rare thing happens.

Ruto's support has been evidenced in recent by-elections, he won two by-elections by a massive margin. William Ruto will be having all that it takes to smile if he wins Kiambaa mini polls.

Ruto getting hit song maker means he will be advertised to many parts of the country. Music plays a bigger role in promoting politicians, this is the reason behind loud music in political rallies and products promotion.

What is your thoughts on this hit song dedicated to Ruto, will it help him to win the next polls? Let's shift the conversation in the comment section below. Please click on the link below to watch the whole video of hitsong, https://www.facebook.com/channel7newstv/videos/186458590029704/?app=fbl.

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