Babu Owino To Launch Super Cup Tournament In His Constituency


Babu owino is considered one of the most vocal youth MP in Kenya. He is celebrated for his remarkable community initiatives that have proved to benefit Kenyans. He won international recognition when he started online teaching during the Covid-19 lockdown last year where students had to miss classes because of the pandemic.

The Embakasi East MP has today made an announcement that he will be Launching Babu Owino Super Cup, and 83 teams within his constituency are expected to participate in the tournament. The games are scheduled to start at 9 am on Saturday in Nyayo. Babu Owino believes there are many avenues to victory, and is ready to tap into talents to promote Kenyan youths.

Babu Owino has been with his party leader, Raila Odinga in a 5 day Coast Counties tour. He has urged youths to support BBI since it introduces the 7 year tax holidays for the youths in business. And the BBI also establishes the Youth Fund Commission that will eventually open doors for young people to engage in meaningful projects.

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