Children do not need parents permission to get the Vaccine, according to new image.

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In recent weeks the vaccine has been opened up for a younger group of people. However, while vaccine hesitancy continues in South Africa, many adults have chosen not to take the vaccine, it seems however that their children do not need their permission to take the vaccine. All the details are below.

Can Children make the choice their own :

The vaccine has now open up to teenagers between the age of twelve to seventeen years old. While I cannot say why it's taken so long to open up to them, I do find it suspicious that it did take this long. Something else I find suspicious is a new image that has been making its way around social media, encouraging teens to take the vaccine. According to the phrase on this image it seems as if children do not need their parents permission to take the vaccine. Read the circled instruction below.

As we can see the image tells children "Not to waste time" to bring their identification document to a vaccination site and they will be vaccinated. This means that any child, without the permission of their parent, can do this. This opens up an entire ethical debate about whether children have the mental intelligence to understand what taking the vaccine means, and whether government employees can just inject them with something without their parents permission.

Personally, whether the vaccine is dangerous or not, I believe that parents need to be involved in this decision, so they can help there child make it properly. Parents have every authority over their under aged children and this should be the parents decision to make, as the parent can mentally handle this decision. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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