Ten Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend


As a guy you must learn to be very romantic and sweet to your girlfriend at every point in time. Learn to always make her happy, learn to always make her smile,learn to always make her love you, and learn to always make her miss you.

Below are ten sweet things every guy should say as often as he can to the girl he loves.

1. I love you: this is simple, but highly important and very necessary, learn to always remind her of how you feel about her and how much you love her.

2. You're beautiful: every girl wants to be reminded of how beautiful they are, they crave a guy who hallows their beauty.

3. I can't imagine what life would look with you: this is a way of telling her you're so glad to have found her and you're even way happier cause she loves you.

4. You're my everything: it's a way of making her feel super special and bringing to her understanding that you really need her.

5. You're my world: just like you're my everything, you're my world also shows totality and that she means so much to you.

6. I can't stop loving you: It's not just a word or statement, it's actually a promise, it makes her certain that you're right for her.

7. My angel: this makes her feel heavenly, angels are not just beautiful but flawless.

8. You have a kind heart: this goes beyond physical beauty to point out her inward beauty and praise her lovely nature.

9. I miss you: it shows that you want her, and is very much interested in her company.

10. Please don't leave me: shows helplessness and shows the girl that indeed you cherish her.

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