How I Trained All My Children To Graduate Level - A 60 Year Old Abuja Taxi Driver


Living on a low income as a parent can cause many problems, especially in the provision of food and shelter, debt and opportunities for social exclusion. Most of the time, it affects family relationships, parents' physical and mental health, feelings of discrimination, stigma and discrimination.

Indeed as it is, there are Nigerians, who combine it with hard work, perseverance and continuing to do the best in the worst of circumstances.

In this category is Mr Francis Olasunkami Morakuyo, a 60-year-old taxi driver living in the Dape community of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. He uses his truck between Life Camp and Carmo.

He shared his experience about how he combined his career with his wife’s small business to grow a good family and produce four graduates.

His account: “My name is Moroccan, a taxi driver; I have no other job but thank God for the driving job I have. I am married and have five children; four graduated while one was still in school and the only working students.

“I have trained all my kids due to the taxi business. I thank God for the wife He gave me. My wife sells and mixes tomatoes and peppers with her local milling machine. He was very supportive of his small business. At the time when the children come home to pay school fees you will help me get a loan from the co-operatives and I will repay the money that is not included in my daily salary as a commercial driver ”.

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the way in which the provincial government allocates its intervention funds to poor citizens. Morakuyo said the money often ended up in the hands of people who did not really need the small amount of money, citing a N20,000 terminal to substantiate his claim.

Morakuyo said: “This money is meant to improve the small businesses my wife falls under. He sells and grinds tomatoes and peppers, I believe that if the government had done me a favor, the money should have gone to the right people and this would have helped to alleviate our suffering and improve the small businesses we operate ”.

“I am over 60 years old and I still struggle to meet my daily needs, pay for electricity, support my family and make it worse, the children I suffer the most from training at school, after graduation, cannot find jobs in the labor market. I still end up feeding them again; it is disturbing and disappointing, one should not be surprised if some parents behave in certain special ways; parents are more likely to display disciplinary behaviors such as screaming, shouting, and slapping because of the stress and frustration they go through, and may not be as loving and warm as they would like to be and hug as society should expect ”.

“Imagine that I am 60 years old and yet I will benefit from the investment in my children's education. When will I start to reap what I have sown when I consider the Bible 's limit to 75 years? Government must connect with the poor and vulnerable, create jobs for our children so that they can be responsible and contribute to the development of the country and support their parents.