You did abortion in Grade 7 || Ladies drag each other

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It all started when Khanya Ndziipho made a Facebook post 16 hours ago. In the post, he wrote: "Two guys denied being a fathers to someone's child from Laapland". This implies the lady in question is a person who sleeps around.

She created another post whereby she said that there's a certain lady who is being denied by all the guys she has ever slept with. "She had an abortion in Grade 7. Oh wait, why am I addressing a mother of two? The first born is in heaven while the second on is on earth", wrote Khanya.

Linamandla Siqiti felt that the posts were directed to her although her name was not mentioned. She quickly hit back. She wrote: "You kangaroo must go and get checked for Sexually Transmitted Infections because you're the one who sleeps around".

Khanya's response was that even if she denies it, fact remains that she did the abortion.

As much as there were those who enjoyed the name calling between the two ladies, others condemned what these two were doing, saying they are too grown up to be doing this.

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