The "She Essence Awards" 2021 at Ghana Communication and Technology University.

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We're bringing to you the She Essence Awards '21 which is happening live at GCTU Accra. The She Essence Awards Started exactly at 8:00pm at Ghana Communication and Technology University, Tesano Campus following the address of the MC. After the MC's address was followed by the address of Nana Ama the current WOCOM of GCTU, Ghana Communication and Technology University,).

Now they're proceeding to the presentation of of the Awards for the various categories such as the best Student Leader of the year, Student activist of the year,best engineering student of the year, Student Entrepreneurship of the year, best IT Student of the year and many more. Most of the individuals for the various categories have received their awards, left with some few categories. The contestants for the various categories are overwhelmed by the the activities of the crowd. I wish you were here with us.

Now The She Essence Awards 2021 is turning into Date Rush. All the women at the place are clashing on a certain guy who is known to be playing guitar at GCTU. Actually he was asked to showcase his talent and immediately he started all the girls stated clashing on him.Now he has gotten a beautiful woman.The guy is very good at the playing of guitar and I'm sure he'll go for Date Rush this season.

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