The Song that is Causing Heat in Western Ghana.


One of Western region's youngest sound engineers, Raycon 6ix has proven he is a good rapper after collaborating with Dawuro Perez of "Godogodo" Fame, Drizzy H and Blaq Spida in a new trending song, Shi Shi.

Shi shi, produced by RayconBeats is a 4GM initiative which with a short time of it's release, has been causing a lot of heat in the music industry as far as Western Ghana is concern.

Speaking with management of the group about their intensions on promoting the single track, it was reveled that a video will be dropped soon to help complete the concept of the song.

 After the release of the song, many are wondering if Dawuro's Duo group, Fifty 50 has collapse or not, Dawuro explained why his partner Ashes is not part of this initiative and said he was suppose to be part but due to one or two reasons he will have to wait for another project. "Its about time we take music to the next level" Dawuro added.

If you are a music lover with interest in rap, you will marvel after listening to 4GM's "Shi Shi" song.