"Ujinga Bwana" Kanjos Captured On Camera Dragging A Woman Behind A Speeding Pickup( Video)


Kisumu Town recidents are left shocked after their town "Kanjos" officers are caught dragging a woman hawker behind a speeding pick-up.

The awaful incident took place in Kisumu CBD. According to a video shared by Tv47 minutes ago, apon the recidents seing the woman being dragged, they fierencly responded by following the speeding pick-up in rescue of dragged woman.

Below are few comments in screenshots of how netizens responded to the annoying act of the county council officers of Kisumu;

The rate of county council officers mistreatments has for the past years been rising thoroughly and thought the Government has never found a permanent solution over the matter.

In most cases Nairobi has ever been hitting headlines over such mistreatments which end up either injuring hawkers while others end up losing their hard earned belongings.

Below is the link to the video:https://twitter.com/i/status/1374668609201537025

What is your opinion over this matter?

(Source: Twitter)

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