Huge Crowds Turn Out For Second Wave Of #EndSARS Protest In Abuja.

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Today we bring to you an article on the fresh EndSARS protest that just hit Abuja this morning, which has drive panic among politicians.

The crowd could be seen in their thousands, chanting, end SARS , bad governance and insecurity.

Meanwhile, the government has earlier listened to the people and disband the SARS unit, yet the people are still protesting, especially after the book haram insurgency kill peaceful farmers who have gone for their legitimate business.

CityNews Nigeria reports that Nigerian politicians are now panicking because as fresh #endasrs protests is now ‘rocking the country’s seat of government. And nobody knows what is going to be the out come of this one, as the military is still trying to clear there name from the lekki killing.

CN sources say protesters have entered the streets of Abuja in their hundreds demanding for end to insecurity in the land ,#endsars protests which initially started youth agitations across the country, gradually spreading, and the government needs to act fast.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

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