[OPINION] Ebonyi Attack: The Dangerous Rise Of Unknown Gunmen And The Need For Urgent Attention

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Unknown gunmen attacked the Divisional Police Headquarters in the Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State on Monday, continuing attacks on police stations in Nigeria's South-East region.

The South East region has been battling with the menace of these gunmen for some time now and this has made some residents sleepless. The manner in which these gunmen attack is so terrifying and they strike with impunity.

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But, I'm still amazed that some people still hail these unknown gunmen despite it being crystal clear that their sole aim is to make South East, a hell on earth. Many people have lost their lives and properties as a result of the daredevil attacks of these gunmen.

The level of damages done by the attack of these unknown gunmen in Ebonyi state is a good reason those hailing them should stop. Hailing these gunmen would only boost their morale to perpetrate more crimes.

1. They Set Prisoners Free:

These gunmen went as far as setting prisoners free and you know what that means. They might use that opportunity to recruit more people into their team and this would increase criminal activities, which is very bad.

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The gunmen reportedly stormed the station around 2 a.m., releasing all the suspects in custody at the police facility. It wouldn't be sane if one goes about hailing those who derive pleasure in perpetrating evil.

The prisoners they set free we don't know how notorious some of them could be and it's dangerous to have such people roaming the streets.

2. Set vehicles ablaze

[Unknown gunmen attack: Tribune Online]

The hoodlums also set fire to some operational vehicles, while some officers escaped with bullet wounds. The attack is the latest in what appears to be a growing trend of attacks on police stations and security personnel in the country's south-east.

Next time you think about hailing unknown gunmen, sit down and give if a thought if truly they have done anything good to the society. The continuous attacks by these unknown gunmen shouldn't be taking lightly because they are bent on becoming the new Lords of South East if allowed to run the show.

Adequate measures should be put in place to ensure that these enemies of peace are unmasked and brought to book. They need to be stopped before things gets out of hand.

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