Supreme Court finally gives the go ahead for the new voters registration


Information has it that, the Supreme Court has in a unanimous decision ruled and directed the Electoral Commission to commence registration as scheduled on June 30.

The Electoral Commission now has the power to compile a new register. In a current monitor, the Supreme court has not really stated that the old voters ID would be used as there is however a confusion as to whether the Supreme court has allowed for the wage of the old existing ID cards as a form of identification for the new register.

In a press release to press men from the NDC Secretary Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketiah said, the NDC has approved the usage of old ID as a form of identification but unclear whether that is true or not.

However, once the Supreme court has been able to clear the confusion between the NDC and NPP over the new voters registration, it has been ascertained that the registration can come off as scheduled.

The Commission says that, the credibility of the register compiled pursuant to both parties remains in doubt save the registrations done with the voter identification cards before the coming date as scheduled.

The commission further says not using the voters ID and birth certificate will afford an opportunity to compile a credible register.

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