Kazi Ni Kazi; Mp Ndindi Nyoro Excites Bodaboda Riders At His Area After Doing This


As we are approaching the 2022 general elections,politicians all over the country are doing extra ordinary things to make voters love and welcome them.

It is not only by coming up with political alliances that will make one be welcomed in some places but also how he or she conducts themselves in this Election nearing period.

Member of parliament for Kiharu constituency hon. Ndindi Nyoro today was captured in a photo socializing and mingling with his area boda boda riders. In the photo Nyoro is seen in the front of a motorcycle while carrying three youths behind.

This is a generous act of socializing with boda boda,given the fact that he is a strong supporter of deputy president William Ruto's hustler nation.

His efforts will be rewarded as nowadays youths love leaders who are sociable and easily approachable. The want leaders who can fetch for them in their hustle areas not the ones who takes years before going back home.

Msafill newshub-gh@operanewshub.com