END TIME IS NEAR: Here's The Restaurant Where Monkeys Serves As Waiter Because Of What They Offer


Monkeys are pretty animals that attract a lot of tourists because they are mobile and friendly to people. Most believe bananas and other fruit goes well with monkeys so they tend to give them abundant of it.

But when you visit a restaurant, how about being served by a well dressed monkey? Sounds awesome, okay? The Kayabukiya Teavern is a restaurant and bar which is located in Japan.

The monkey serves customers in this restaurant. One monkey orders while another sends customers drinks. The monkeys have been well treated, so the customers aren't at risk of contacting any infection from them, i know you ask questions of how they get paid which is a reasonable question to ask.

As tips for their service, the monkeys receive boiled soya from the customers, funny isn't?. The monkeys are allowed to work only two hours a day, because of Japanese animal regulation.

This sounds odd and it's surely a sign of the end time because it's totally disgusting to imagine that animals is used to replace man in an organisation where men should be managing and controlling the affairs.

What's the world turning into? Please have your say am really eager to hear your view

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