Cheat Back When You Catch Your Husband Cheating-Princess Shyngle

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Twice divorced Princess Shyngle seems to have found a perfect solution to cure cheating out of husbands with her cheat-back DIY home remedy

The Gambian princess has shared some advice with women battling infidelity in their marital homes.In an Instagram post, the US based Ghanaian-Gambian socialite shared her solution with all women.

She wrote "if married women also cheat anytime they catch their husbands cheating, i promise you married men will start thinking twice before cheating on their wives.The rate of divorce will reduce to zero"

Looks like Princess Shyngle is trying to find herself a new lover or partner after many many years of battling relationship issues and breakups.

Princess Shyngle broke up with her fiance Frederic Badji and to marry Bala-Gaye in January 3 months after her second marriage on april 10th 2021. She has divorved him over domestic abuse. She now sets on a new path to find a new love.

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