"He got these marks but failed." Woman causes a stir after sharing her son's school report.

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A lady recently had a lot of people talking after sharing the 1st term school report of her child. Schools term 1 has come to an end and with term 2 already underway many parents have received their children's school reports so see how they are progressing in school. With that said the lady posted the picture of the report and said "I don't like this, my son got these marks and he was not promoted. I told my son he passed irregardless to this not promoted because I saw his potential." See the post down below.

From the report she shared it seems like her child failed his first additional language and unfortunately if you fail a language it is a total fail no matter how well you did on the other subjects. People commented under the post and had a lot of things to say. Someone commented and said "The correct promotional requirements in order to pass are as follows: Home language = 50 %, English = 40 %, Maths = 40% and 40 % in any 2 of the remaining subjects." See some of the other comments people left under the post down below.

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Source https://twitter.com/malondy_babes/status/1525193588069515267?t=TuWVI2Y_e79c-xarxhYZTA&s=08

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