Today's Night Prayer: Father, Let Those Who Seek My Destruction Fall Into Their Own Trap

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Mighty God, I thank you for the success of today, for my life and that of my family be magnified. Father, there was a plan to destroy Daniel and his friends in Babylon. But it failed because no power can stand against your people. Likewise, in my case let every plan made by my enemies to pull me down fail. Stand for me and defend me when the wicked one strikes against me. Let them fall into their trap. 

King Saul hated David because the lord favored him. Father, let every hatred against me because of your blessings in my life be to the disadvantage of my haters. Defend me against their attack and accusations. Lord those who trust in God are like mountain Zion, they can not be shaken or moved. Hence, I refuse to be shaken by my trouble. I stand firmly on the solid Rock Jesus Christ against every slippery ground in my life. Lord as this month is coming to an end, move Mountain for my sake. Empower me to achieve my targeted dream this month.

My sins I acknowledge before you and I ask that you make me worthy of your promises. Answer my prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord amen!

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