Some of the most awkward pictures you will see today.


The world of photoshop is one world where everything is virtually possible. Sometimes bizzare and weird creativities are made while some other time it is simply hillarious and even scary as the case may be.

Looking at this at first sight is actually very bizzare but with some quick assessment one would discover it is simply a man's face fused into a woman body and turned upside down.

When you eat so much that your mouth outgrows and covers every other part of your face.

The head fused upside down.

The head normally is curved, however , the photoshop is in the hand using it as a plate.

The head is looking both right and forward. Quite confusing. We must have seen pictures just like this, the mystery is the same.

A tired belly.

The facial expression of a tired person inverted into a belly. Quite amusing.

Which was your Favorite?