High Demand Rocks Ugandan Market After the Country Approving the First Covid-19 Vaccine


The covid-19 vaccine that was under development in Uganda has been finally given a green light for use to prevent the Covid virus by Uganda's National Drug Authority. The vaccine which is dubbed COVIDEX was developed locally by Uganda-based researcher Prof Patrick Ogwang.

According to sources, the vaccine which was given a go-ahead warning on Wednesday has already started to sell like hot cake and its price is already hiking. It is reported that on Tuesday when the vaccine was still awaiting its approval, it was already selling at UGX 10000 (approximately Ksh 303) but later on by Wednesday, the price had already hiked to around UGX 50000 (approximately Ksh 1520) per 200ml bottle.

The developer of the vaccine Prof Ogwang has assured the public that the vaccine is very effective in managing the virus and that it is a game-changer in preventing the spread of the virus. However, the developer has warned citizens against self-medication against the virus urging them to always consult before using it.

This is a big boost to not only East African countries but also the continent of Africa and the whole world especially during this period when there is a scarcity of Covid-19 vaccine supply.

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