American Rapper, Dan Sur Surgically Inserts Gold Chains As His New Hair [PHOTOS]

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Celebrities and Politicians are known to be the most famous people in the world, every Celebrity has his own way of making his fans happy, some of them uses their talent, their speeches, outfits or hair styles.

Most of them usually want something different, something that will differentiate them from others, that is why they do something that is very unique.

A Popular Nigerian Newspaper took to their Facebook page to share a news about an America Actor who choose to replace his hair with golden chains.

Dan sur went foe reconstructive surgery to remove his natural hair and insert Golden chains in his head, this news has keep people wondering why he choose to spent his money like that.

It appears he underwent the procedure in April, and since then his profile is littered with clips of him showing off his jaw-dropping headpiece, which has seen his following rocket up.

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