Angry fans blast PSG talisman Lionel Messi

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Paris Saint Germain were in action today against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League and they didn't have a great performance.

And following their result today some fans were not happy with PSG talisman Lionel Messi after a poor performance.

And fans have reacted on Twitter to the star player performance. See some reactions below.

- Lionel Messi. Please leave my club.

- Lionel Messi is finished shem. There is nothing left for him to contribute in football

- PSG are literally playing 10 against 11 with Messi on the pitch. I can't believe this is Lionel Messi.😭

- If Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo win the Ballon D'or this season, it's a bloody fix

- Honestly Lionel Messi looks like he wants to retire already.

- Cristiano Ronaldo finished but Lionel Messi is nonexistent…He is in shambles.

- A huge shame that Lionel Messi wasn’t playing in the City vs PSG game tonight. Apart from that it was a good game with many good players

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