Attracting The Grace For Growth

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“In the name of Jesus, grace will find you this week.”

That which you do not deserve. It is God's hidden blessing covenant. Grace is God speaking for you when you lack speech.

Bible prophecy: “God will defend you from your foes.”

“Grace will weep for you”... “Grace will speak for you”...

God is a kind God whose name is Jesus. The bible is the gospel of grace, thus grace is all about Christ's redeeming work on the cross, which includes his death, burial, and resurrection. So grace is the wellspring of all good.

Salvation is God giving us a favor, not through our work. In 2 Peter 1:3, God says he has given us all things about life and godliness via his supernatural power, which is grace. The power of sin is broken by grace. Grace enables us to succeed here on earth. He is the solution to all our problems. Grace is the only road to excellent things and the top. It is the power that breaks the yoke of folly in us and puts in us the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is, all truth is enveloped in grace; he added, and the truth shall set you free. So grace is the truth and the life (Hallelujah)

But when it comes to the development of grace, 2 Peter 3:18 instructs us to develop in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. To mature in grace is to know what it means to be a child of God and sanctified by grace. We are saved through grace through trust in Christ (Eph 2:8-9). Only God's grace can save and glorify us. Heaven will glorify us and make us more like Christ.

So we develop in grace by reading God's word and praying (Col 3:16) Let the word of Christ live deeply in you, he urged. In other words, by reading his word, meditating on it, and letting it live in you, you will begin to develop from grace to grace, glory to glory, and power to power.

“I prophesy God's favor this week. This year, God's grace will protect you from danger, boost your company, and offer you a unique scholarship.

This week, God's grace will triumph where others fail. Receive God's grace to excel this week. I pray that the Lord may raise a kingdom helper for you this year.

PRAYERS 1. I ask for the grace to develop in God's wisdom.

2. Destroy any wicked powers impacting God's grace in my life.

3. Let the blood of Jesus crush every oppressor of my labor.

1. Your oppressor will be shamed by grace.

2. Grace will find you and bring you out this week in Jesus' name.

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