Why China Deployed 100,000 ''Duck Army'' Instead Of Chicken


Why did china create a 100,000 'duck army'? This army traveled from China to Pakistan to fight the locust plague, the ducks were sent from the Xinjiang border in the far west of the country.

The plague of about 360 billion locusts has devastated Africa and some other country, which is already a problem for chine too. In 2000 china deployed 700,000 ducks and chickens, to fight the locust destroying crops and plants, but this time one of Chinese researcher discover that ducks were more efficient than chickens at guzzling down the devastating pests, so they decide to go for ducks, the researcher Mr Lu said that “One duck is able to eat more than 200 locusts a day'',

which means they have three times the combat capability,

he also said the ducks have already been proven as an effective method of combat against locust, because they are most likely to stay in group, which made them easier to manage and control compare to chickens.

He said ''using ducks as a biological weapon was a cheaper and environmentally friendly to pesticides''ly to pesticides''

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