Rehabilitation Farmers Demands 12 Months Salaries From Cocobod.

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About 2,000 members of the Dadiase and Shaman Districts in the Western Northern Region branch of the Rehabilitation Farmers Association, under Ghana Cocoa Marketing Company ( Cocobod) are demanding their one year salaries from their paymasters.

At the time of filing the story the National Chairman of the Association Mr Joseph Afrifa hinted that the possibility of embarking on demonstration cannot be ruled out if Cocobod refuses to pay them by the close of August 15 2022.  

Afrifa said members of the Association were recruited in batches, of which the first recruits were given appointment letters to start business in November 2021.

Adding that since the date of appointment till now the Board has refused to pay the workers.

According to Mr Joseph Afrifa, several appeals to COCOBOD and for that matter government on behalf of the weeding labourers across the nation to have their salaries paid always greeted with excuses.

What is more, Afrifa told the correspondent that Cocobod though never included any conditions and benefits in their Ghc 650 monthly salaries to merit deductions from their salaries, those old workers receive their pay slips with huge deductions.

Afrifa also questioned the source of the deductions.  

He said as the National chairman of the Association he has done all what he can do to bail the workers out from their financial stress but he was always confronted with excuses from the District Cocobod offices.

Some of us are heavily owed and having no alternative we have decided to demonstrate to justify our case if our salaries are not paid within some few days in this month August, chairman Africa concluded.


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