Video: See How Two University Students Are Exchanging Blows Publicly Over A Lady


Fighting in a university for whatever reason is a very big offence to the university's ethics committee and the university community at large. In Nigeria, such acts can attract punishment of various degrees: ranging from suspension to dismissal depending on the decision of the management. I believe this is also common in other universities in Africa.

Photo courtesy of Kanyi daily.

Despite the consequences for fighting in the university, two able-bodied male students of Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology in Ghana were spotted in a viral video allegedly fighting over a lady.

The video circulating on social media shows two young guys exchanging blows publicly over a lady at George Hostel. The lady whose name is not disclosed is believed to be loved by both guys and none is willing to leave the girl for the other.

Some guys believed to be their fellow students were also seen around attempting to separate the two fighters. A voice is heard saying "My car"! "My car"! as the guys fighting were getting close to a car that was packed at the area where they were fighting.

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