Relaxation centers in Western Region


With the huge load of work on people in our world now, it often makes it difficult for one to get time to relax or rest. In as much as,working is important , it does not change the relevance of rest in ones life.Once in a while, there is the need for us to get away from home and have a good rest at a very nice and serene environment. This is because changing of environment refreshes an individual..

Looking for a place to relax? Below are some relaxation centers located in the Western Region of Ghana.

Maaha Beach Resort

It is a small paradise for family.A home away from home.Maaha beach resort is located in Axim, in the Western Region of Ghana. Their rooms are fully air conditioned, with refrigerator and kitchenette and also offers room services. Property amenities available are free packing,beach, free breakfast, gym centers,tennis court and beach.It is surely a place, you would love to be.

Luo Moon Resort.

It is an exceptionally beautiful and unique boutique beach resort in Ghana's Western region, an easy 2 hour journey from Takoradi. Offering a safe private swimming beach, a restaurant with world class International cuisine and premium drinks.It is nestled on the shore of a private beach cove offering rare protection from the ocean waves and creating a calm natural swimming pool,safe amenities. Their rooms are fully air conditioned with refrigerators , and also offers room service. The have specially made honeymoon packages for newly wedded couples.

Tenack Hotel & Resort

It is a first class luxury resort, with lavishly furnished rooms. It is located in Beyin, near Nzulezo the Western Region of Ghana. It has been named among CNN's top 25 africa beach.They offer complete and total hotel services ranging from accommodation,food, beverage as well as package tour.Properties amenities available are pool, free parking,fitness center and beach. Their rooms are fully air conditioned, safe and provide room service.

You can visit any of these places anytime ,you are around any of these locations. You shall surely testify.