Advantages Of Having Sex With Women Who Wear Waist Beads.

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Women wear waist beads for quite a number of reasons: one of which includes to attract the men to themselves. Although some even say it makes their backside look bigger and fuller, this is one reason women see waist beads as an asset they would want to have. Waist beads can be worn by women of different ages and sizes and for different purposes.

The movement of the beads against the skin during copulation, enhance love making, and also increases the sensation and excitement. The sound of the waist beads for some guys is usually heightened during mating and their performance levels helps to make intimacy last longer and more pleasurable.

Most men really like to play with the feel and touch of the beads on the ladies’ waist. The jiggling of beads on a woman’s waist when she walks, gives her the chance to get her partner to focus on her. The sound and feel of the beads between two heated bodies during intercourse, creates a sea of excitement for both of them. The sound produced by the beads, has the power to draw the attention of her man. Also, the sound is capable of producing sexual urges and desires as well as increasing sexual libido.

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