What You Need To Do If You Want People To Respect You

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Do you feel like the people around you don't appreciate you enough? Respect is one of the most basic human desires. A man who's not respected is not considered valuable. How can you gain people's respect?

1. Respect Yourself First: If you want people to respect you, you must first respect yourself. When you don't respect yourself, no one will respect you. Do you have a high sense of self-worth? Understand that the quantity of money you have has no bearing on your self-worth. It all comes down to understanding who you are and having faith in yourself.

2. Set clear boundaries: The boundaries you create are what people around you follow. If others continually insult you, you may enjoy doing the same. People will stick to your rules if you make them clear.

3. Learn to say "no" with confidence: Many people believe they have to make everyone happy. They displease themselves to avoid offending others. Don't let what others say or think about you bother you. Learn to say "no" to requests that do not meet your expectations.

4. Speak up: Some people are naturally shy. If you want to earn people's respect, don't be afraid to speak up.

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