The importance of following your ancestors not your companions

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Month to month RITUAL

Designate your 7 days and do the Cleansing...



Mop with Jeyse Fluid + Madubula + Salt Daily for 7 days...


Make a glue of Cow Dung + Salt + Jeyse Fluid + Madubula and Apply your entire body for 10 minutes.

Wash of with cold water with the accompanying: Trekker Coffee + FG espresso + Umlotha/Holy Ash + Potassium Permanganate + Makopano and Leshata water (Half a cup each adding on the tap cold water)

PHALAZA: U will Phalaza at 02:30 on Day 1, Day 3, Day 5 and Day 7

- Drink 3 spoons of white vinegar 5 minutes prior to beginning.

- Drink your combination of 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar + Joko + 5 Roses + Umcako (half teaspoon) + Ibomvu (half teaspoon) bubbled and arranged a day prior to, when cool you add + Moela and Sphiri water (Half Cup each).

SPEIT = Joko + 5 rose + 3 bits obviously salt. Done in Day 2 and Day 8.

FASTING - Please eat once every day for 7 days.

Supplicating: With your Candles as expressed on the other post that educated what to purchase... Continuously light them when supplicating and washing and Phalazing.

PHAHLING - Daily at 03:00 toward the beginning of the day for the 7 days.


Some will begin Prophesying, some will be overpowered with things they will begin seeing, So people should be solid, Live Visions are quite serious.

NB: Sharing this custom with your companions that are not in the gathering will brings about the taelos not working for you. So submit to the standards and don't tell anybody when your doing it coz underhanded Forces against Gifted individuals are available and genuine out there.

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