The Most Premier League Assists Since Christian Eriksen Debut

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Christian Eriksen is still one of the premier league assists kings despite being two years away. The Former Brentford player is contracted to Manchester united for the next three years and could be the player that will replace Paul Pogba perfectly in the midfield. Since Eriksen made his premier league debut, it is Kevin De Bruyne who have provided the most assists. The Belgian Professional have provided 85 assists in 208 premier league games.

However, Eriksen has 66 assists in 237 premier league games in his premier league career. He could reach 100-assists mark in the next three years of his premier league career. He is the second player with the most assists since his Premier league debut. Asides Eriksen and De Bruyne, Another player who have provided over 60 assists in the same time duration is David Silva. The Former Manchester city midfielder made 62 assists in 203 premier league games.

Moreso, Mesut Ozil is the next player on the list. The former Arsenal player provided 54 assists in 184 premier league games starting from the day Eriksen made his debut till when he left Arsenal. Raheem Sterling who recently left Manchester city and Joined Chelsea in the 2022 summer transfer window, made the list. The England forward provided the same number of assists as Mesut Ozil in the same time duration.

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