How to Approach a Girl You Don't Know and Impress Her

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Men find it really hard to approach a lady they don't know. This is because they don't know how she will react or what is going through her mind at that moment you saw her. This is because you can approach a lady and end up getting disgraced at the end.

So the question now is, how do I approach a girl I don't know and impress her? Well that is quite simple, if the lady is at a particular location just a few distance from you.

These are the things you should do.

1. Glance at her from time to time and when she catches your eye you remove it

This is a way to get a girl's attention for the first time. Glancing at her for a few minutes and when she notices this, you tend to remove your eye is one way to make her know that she might be crushed on.

2. If you are with your friends and they are chatting, look at her in such a way that she knows that you are distracted from what your friend are saying

Making her know that she is the one on your mind is another way to get her attention. From time to time smile to her and see the response she gives you.

3. If the last point works well, it is time to make the bold step, move up to her and start a conversation

When you start talking to her, you should begin with some of your personal details like your name but don't go too deep with that. Just make it mild and really simple.

4. Ask her a little about her personal life

When you ask this and she starts feeling a little uncomfortable, then maybe crack a joke with the situation and see how she reacts.

But if you can't crack a joke, tell her that you just want to know her better and that was the reason for the question.

5. Ask her out on a date

This should be enough to get at least her number and some of her personal details like her name.

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