Church Drama As Police Forced To Rescue 77 Emaciated and Dying Followers Waiting For This To Hapen

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When it comes to topics on believing in God, there are strange beliefs concerning it. In our day-to-day lives, we see many different ways in which people worship God. Most of these ways are led by pastors and other religious leaders.

Kenyans were left in surprise and disbelief after a renowned church in Machakos County, Mukindu estate when the followers were found locked in the church, waiting for the second coming of Jesus' return. According to the information shared, the 77 followers were locked in there by the pastors.

Sources claim that the followers were assembled by the church pastor who then preaching tell them to stay faithful and locked them in to pray for Jesus' return. Luckily, police through a resident who sought the matter managed to arrest him.

He was found busy going around with his usual business while the members were waiting for God's return. The police officers claimed that they were emaciated and dying and the pastor was healthy as a horse. He was arrested and held in custody at Tala police station while the police investigation dipped its nose into the incident to reveal the truth.

What might cause a religious leader to conduct such an act? And should people stop believing in them? Drop your comments below concerning the matter and also, like, share and follow up for more.

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