Benefits of not wearing underwear


Just like respiration, putting on underwear has been a normal quotidian for majority of us. There are many benefits associated with wearing underwear but just like everything, they are disadvantages that comes with them.

My mission here today is not to discourage you from wearing panties, I only want to tell you to reduce the rate at which you do wear them. I would recommend you go "commando" when alone. Going "commando" literally means not wearing an underwear.

These are some benefits associated with not wearing panties.

1. It decreases odor and discomfort at the genital area.

You do know that sweat is generated from heat. The sweat is trapped around the genital area by the underwear which eventually leads to the production of an awful scent down there.

It is advisable you skip wearing underpants especially when alone at home to allow your sweat to undergo evaporation as well as decrease the risk of odor production.

2. Not wearing underpants has a high chance of decreasing the risk of developing yeast infections.

Candida albicans is the bacteria responsible for yeast infections. Wearing tight underwear which is made up of thick materials can retain moisture over there and make it easier for yeast to grow.

Be sure you wear a loose underwear to allow the free passage of air around the area.

3. Protection of the genital area from injury. This is due to abrasions likely to occur around that area. Tight underwear can scratch the labia upon coming into contact with it which can lead to the damage of the skin around that area or even trigger and infection. Also it hurts.

Well, these are some disadvantages of wearing an underwear. I hope you do note them and develop strategies of how to overcome them.

It is advisable you do wash your underwear regularly and dry it under sunlight to prevent the breed of any microorganisms.


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