James Brown And Others React As Jay Boogie And Dee Vah Insults Bob Risky In Their New Video

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Fans and colleagues of two controversial Cross-dresser, Anthony Daniel popularly known as Jay Boogie and Buchi Alexandra popularly known Dee Vah have been gushing over the new video uploaded by the cross-dressers.

Both Jay Boogie and Dee Vaaah took to their respective Instagram pages some minutes ago to upload a new video where both of them insulted Bob Risky for not allowing them to blow and also being a disgrace to the transgender community.

According to them, Bob Risky has much pride of himself due to his wealth and fame. That he always flaunts his curvy body on social media for the sole aim of oppressing other transgenders.

Jay Boogie and Dee Vaah went further, telling Bob Risky that both of them are his biggest threat. That he should come down from his pride and learn from them who are more classic and talented.

Jay Boogie, Dee Vaah

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Furthermore, Jay Boogie And Dee Vaah are well-known cross-dresser, Instagram user, Influencer, model, and teaser that loves to entertain their fans with interesting post on their respective instagram pages.

Now, let's take a look at the screen capture of the video;

Then, the below are the follow up post;

Their action in the video really got some popular Nigerian commenting on the post, this made another popular cross-dresser by name James Brown to drop a hot comment. He commented "another movie is about to start".

James brown

Now, let's take a look at his fans reactions especially the reaction that was made by James Brown;

Photo credit: Instagram and Foto Grid

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