Big Surprise As President Takes Leave, Hands Power to His Deputy

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Photo. Uhuru abd his deputy William Ruto

It's clear most African Presidents do not want to see their deputies anywhere near Power. However as things stand it's clear Mnagangwa of Zimbabwe shocked many today after handing over power to his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.

According to Mnagangwa he has taken leave from office to concentrate more on his health as well on matters his farm. It's clear as things stand Chiwenga is now the acting president after receiving powers from his boss.

This is clearly interesting for it's a fact as we are here Uhuru and Ruto have been fighting for the longest time. It's a fact as things stand it's not possible to see Uhuru leaving power to his deputy owing to their long term differences.

It's however interesting that Mnagangwa who assumed office through coup after hausting Mugabe is the one now leaving power to his deputy to go and look to his farm. It's clearly an interesting thing though for that has majorly not happened in most African countries for most leaders are power hungry and want to rule with an iron fist.

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