Asamankese: Residents besiege Police Station over shooting of taxi driver by Military

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Furious occupants of Asamankese in the Eastern locale on Monday, April 5, 2021, mounted barricades and later blockaded a Police station over the shooting to death of a cab driver who is likewise a timber vendor by Military officials.

The expired - Yaw George, 33, was shot Monday morning while at the same time driving a taxi with enrollment number GR 3847-21 and accompanying a truck moving his timber.

The military was purportedly pursuing the wood truck and the cabbie now perished. On moving toward the Police boundary on Asamankese to Accra street, military staff on board the vehicle of the team pursuing the truck, started shooting through the back windshield of the vehicle executing the cabbie immediately.

"The military man started shooting at the cab driver after arriving at the hindrance slaughtering him at the spot at the Police obstruction on Asamankese to Accra street. He shot him in the dead. At whatever point he is shipping timber to Accra, he follows with his taxi so the truck had even passed the boundary and left. So when the military shot the cabbie they even deserted him were all the while seeking after the truck so it was the cops who saw the shooting episode and pursued the military officials to report themselves to the Police,". an observer revealed to Starr Fm.

The episode caused unconstrained mayhem in Asamankese municipality as certain cab drivers and youth mounted road obstructions and fought for equity. It required numerous minutes for Asamankese Police to control the dissent and ultimately cleared the street for drivers.

The protestors later blockaded the Asamankese Police station to put forth for the District Police Commander to capture the offender military official.

"We will summon curses on the military official and his family. We will destroy the entirety of his relatives. In Ghana, in the event that you are not associated with a major man they treat you as nothing worth mentioning. We need equity we will not release this," one of the furious protestors said.

Someone else said "this is the reason individuals assault the Military. They bring the laws into their hands."

The Acting Public Relations Officer of the Eastern Regional Police Command Sergeant Francis Gomado affirmed the episode however hurried to add that the media will be advised after the starter examination is finished.

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