Photos: Kenyans Amazed by Woman Who Sold Chips for 9 Years to Build a 3-Bedroom House


It is each and everyone's dream to build a good house and at least own an amazing home once in their lifetime.

A woman known best by the name Maria Nairesiaey has taken to Facebook to reveal how long it took her to build her dream house that she wished to build but thanks to God, she has been able to build one.

The 3-bedroomed house, Maria said, took her around 9 years to build it starting in 2011 to 2020- the year this house reached the finishing level.

Maria further revealed that the main source of funds that build the dream house was from the selling of "chips", a business that she started back in 2011 when she started the project.

When this writer reached her to make a comment on the amount it costed her up to finishing level, Maria said that though she lost the actual figures, the project took around Ksh 4 million from the start till this end.

Maria concluded by encouraging everybody to always have dreams, set goals and always to go for them.

Photos courtesy of Facebook

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