Did You Know Cats Have Tongues That Have Spikes? See The Purpose of These Spikes


Almost every Kenyan home has a cat around and most people treat cats as their pets. Now did you know that all cats have a tongue that have spike? You may have felt it on your domestic cat when it kicks you. The tongue is covered in tiny spines called Papillae and it’s as rough as sand paper. If used aggresively, it can literally lick the skin off a human being.

This papillae has very many purposes:

1. It can be used to take it large amounts of water whilst drinking

2. It can be used to tenderize meat and also together with it’s saliva, start the digestion process before even the first bite!

3. Used for grooming each other - acts as a fine comb.

So next time be very observant with your pet cat you may notice these spikes. Photos are courtesy of Facebook.

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