Four Police Officers Accused of Killing the Two Kianjokama Brothers Contract Covid-19 in Jail

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A few weeks ago, Kenyans were treated to one of the most shocking news of two brothers who had just started their pork business in Kianjokama town.

Picture courtesy. The six officers.

The two brothers who were both students at a local college and university saved enough money to open the business and it didn't take even a day after the opening for them to end up in a mortuary.

Uproar was witnessed across the country and especially the Kianjokama residents who took to the streets and through the intervention of IPOA, six police officers were placed in custody.

Kianjokama brothers. Picture Courtesy.

Last night, it emerged that four out of the six police officers had unfortunately contracted Covid-19 while in custody.

The four police are said to be okay at the moment as the virus is not life threatening to them at this point in time.

The four officers are in isolation and continue receiving treatment until they are fit again to be placed back in their cells.

This morning, they are scheduled to appear before the High Court for their bail hearing, which is highly anticipated by many.

It remains to be seen what will become of the officers who are accused of killing the two brothers despite them maintaining their innocence.


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