Betting and Lottery will make you poorer than you are.


This thing, I'm the only one who is going to tell it to you as it is, the chances that you are going to be poorer through betting/lottery is much much higher than the chances that you are going to get rich from it. 

Gambling companies take from many, reward a few and use the rest to pay their staff and expand their businesses. Most of the players fund this growth and sustainance. You t are more likely to be in the majority who are financiers than in the blessed few who gain. To feel good, you are a board member of a business with little profit viability

Anyway, I just feel like letting you know that your bleeding might not end with just losing money, it comes with blood pressure, depression and diarrhoea too.

Weekend is coming, your hope is going to increase, your list will be going well until Brighton equalises and get a draw at Old Trafford