Don Davis' Former Employer Faithful Samuel Has Been Arrested - Mother Of Don Davis Reveals

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Mother of Don Davis Archibong, Deborah Okezie has just made a Facebook live broadcast where she revealed that Don Davis former employer Faithful Samuel has just been arrested by the Nigerian Police Force.

It could be recalled that after the alleged molestation of Don Davis Archibong went viral across all social media platforms, Don Davis became a brand ambassador for a company named Resolution Technologies owned by Faith Samuel.

Don Davis With His Parents During His Signing As An AmbassadorBefore the mother of Don Davis began promoting the company, she already told her followers that she would keep them updated if she sees anything fraudulent about the company. Months thereafter, Deborah Okezie to the surprise of her followers announced that the company in which Don Davis had been made a brand ambassador has been defrauding people of their money and disassociated herself and her son from having anything to do with the company and vowed that the people the company defrauded would get back their money.

Mrs Deborah Okezie who promised to keep us updated has kept her promise as she made a live video showing the arrest of the Faith Samuel. While making the live broadcast she said;

" Don Davis future is too young for his future to be jeopardized. Faithful Samuel has used Don Davis to defraud people to the tune of 15 million,22 million,35 million.

One of the woman almost committed suicide yesterday, so I want people to know that I am not a party of this. He used the sympathy people displayed on this boy to commit evil and me, I don't support evil

He has been picked right now. It took me a lot and I thank God for Nigerian Police. They do not support evil. Since Don Davis case started till now, they have been carrying out their duty well and if you see a Nigerian Police that is educated and knows what he is doing, please cherish them.

They said no to evil and did not change me one naira. They said he has to pay people back their money. I am not of it. Faithful Samuel has been picked right now and is going to vomit every bit of what he took.

He defrauded the whites, the blacks, everything, so it's high time we start painting or image right. The president and governors cannot do it alone. They need you and I to do it"

Deborah Okezie thank God for a successful arrest and thanked the Nigerian Police and asked that people share the news.

Credit: Facebook/Deborah Okezie

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