Remember The Popular Sangoma Says Bad Things Are Coming In 2022

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Mamelodi traditional healer predicts the worst for Mamelodi, SA in 2022\sLocal traditional healer says Covid-19 is here to stay, but things will get “back to normal, We have already seen that the presence of COVID-19 something that cannot simply go away in a day and we understand that there is a lot of processes that are going to take place before it is officially eradicated from the world. 

Things were not going well for Mamelodi and the rest of South Africa in 2022, according to the traditional doctor. Many people believe these traditional doctors and are completely devoted to them, so for them to say something like this is very serious for other people. 

Welcome to Solly Mathebula, a traditional healer from Mamelodi East Extension 4, who lives in the same neighborhood. There are a lot of people in the area who have been following him and supporting him for years. When he says something like this there are going to be many people who will listen to him, so it is only fair that we pass on the message.

"He should be very careful, because his life is in danger." Possibly because some unknown person or group has tried to do something bad to the government. This has been stopped by Ramaphosa because he knows about the attacks or plans, so he has increased his security.

As soon as he became president, he made enemies in his own party because some people don't like what he stands for and have been hurt because of it. He warned the president about the people around him because plots were being made to kill him from inside his own party.

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