What happens when you crack your joints - your bones are not the reasons for those cracks

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Most of us grew up believing that our bones where the reason for those crack sound we hear whenever we crack our joints. To some people its dangerous while some people derives pleasure from doing so. So this article will clarify the reason why our joints makes those cracking sound and it'll also tell you if its healthy or not to crack your joints.

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What really happens when you crack your joints?

The cracking sound made from our joints is caused by Carbon Dioxide Cavitation Bubbles partially collapsing inside the joints.

So whenever we bend or stretch our finger the carbon dioxide bubbles collide with our finger bones and the gas bubble burst producing that cracking sound we hear when we crack our bone.

Is it healthy to crack your joint?

The common claims that cracking of one's joint causes arthritis is not medically supported with evidence. A study was conducted in which they run a test on 120 people of different ages including those that crack their knuckles regularly and those that don't. The scientist couldn't find anything that cause arthritis.

The only thing known is, joint crackers are likely to have a lesser grip strength than those who do not crack their joints.

Do you know?

Crepitus is the sounds made when you crack your joints 😉.

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