Some Effective ways of dealing with Relationships in dreams


This world is made of visible and non- visible substances, the visible is created or gotten from the invisible, there will be no life with out the presence of it. But today I will be talking on the negative power of the invisible. ( Spiritual marriage).

Spiritual marriage is a process were by an individual who is single in the real or physical world is married or engaged in the spiritual world. And it is referred to spirit husband to the female and spirit wife to the male.

Human being are always in battle with unknown forces, forces that tend to hold us down all the time. Have you ever seen yourself having s3x in the dream with a lady or a guy? Some people might choose to call it wet night, but that is not true, they are called spiritual relationship. Probably, you might have seen some group of children calling you daddy or mummy in a dream and you think it is ordinary? It is not, those are your spiritual childrens.

I will tell you how to defeat and deal with spirit wife and husband disturbing you.

1. Commit Yourself To More Prayers

Never take chances to pray but make prayer a part of you. Each day try to disassociate or disconnect yourself from the spirit wife or husband through pray.

2. Understand The Language Of The Spirit Through The Scriptures

Everything under this world has a language of communication, even the spirit too. You need to understand the language of the spirit Through the scriptures, open your eye with the world of God in that way you can stand against them when they forcefully comes to lay with you.

3. Always Make Self Declarations Or Affirmations

Make self declaration like, I am free from Spirit husband and spirit wife, they are gone, I am redeemed of the Lord and many more.

Follow these three steps to deal with spirit husband and wife if you are been troubled or tormented by them and they will flee quickly.